The new Kubota RTV

Outperform the Great Outdoors

The NEW Kubota RTV-XG850 Sidekick combines fun with functional — take on every big hill and destination with absolute confidence.

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Take the wheel of the RTV-XG850 and you’re greeted by its durability, performance, and speed. It also comes with customizable accessories and attachments to meet your every demand.

Innovative Durability

The Sidekick is clad in professional-grade materials designed to challenge the elements. And to handle your tougher demands, its internals are just as tough as its rugged exterior:

  • CVT Plus Transmission engine for smooth acceleration.
  • Durable starter and chain-type timing belt for minimal maintenance.
  • Built-in microcomputer to monitor engine oil temperature and status.

Stunning Performance

When you’re up against the forces of nature, having every performance advantage makes a BIG difference:

  • Equipped with Kubota’s limited slip 4-wheel drive system for superior agility on tough terrains.
  • Standard trailer hitch offers class-leading 2000 lb towing power for your boat, trailer, and more!
  • Steel cargo tie-down hooks in the all-metal cargo box provides sturdy security for your gear even when traversing through adverse terrain.

Brute Speed

The Sidekick guns through land like a blunt force of rugged speed. This new design allows you to navigate the most demanding of paths with confidence:

  • Tuned front and rear independent suspension gives a smooth ride.
  • Efficient 48-Horsepower gasoline engine pushes plenty of torque for quick acceleration and speeds up to 64 km/h.


Customize your RTV-XG850’s colours.

Kubota Orange



RealTree® AP Camo

Choose your Kubota Accessories

Spec the RTV-XG850 to fit your needs for a unique RTV experience:

A-Arm Guard
A-Arm Guard

Front & Rear Metal guards to guard against debris Sold in a pair (left & right).

Bed Extender
Bed Extender

Drill-less design and can be positioned along the length of the cargo bed.
Can be positioned to extend or divide the cargo bed capacity

Cargo Bed Rail
Cargo Bed Rail

Increase cargo bed capacity. Sold in a pair (left & right). Not compatible with Deluxe RTV Cargo Box.

Deluxe RTV Cargo Box
Deluxe RTV Cargo Box

Features 4.5 cu. ft. of cargo capacity in a tough and durable polyethylene construction to resist corrosion, water, and dust. Lockable latches to secure your cargo. Transport your tools and equipment into some of the most extreme terrain and conditions. Easy-to-lift covers providing easy access from either side of the box. Sliding and removable tool trays for better organization. Great for outdoorsmen - non-reflective surfaces.

Heavy Duty Winch - 4,000 lb
Heavy Duty Winch - 4,000 lb

Working Load 4,000 lbs. (1814 kg).
1.6 hp (1.2kw) sealed motor.
Rugged steel gears & bushings to provide more torque and longer life.
Includes dash panel switch & handheld remote control.

LED Headlight
LED Headlight

Add an optional 2nd set LED headlight to give the machine that unique quad LED look.

Mud Guard
Mud Guard

Front & Rear Add a visual appeal while guarding against debris. Sold in a pair (left & right).

Poly Flip Windshield
Poly Flip Windshield

Flip hard coated poly windshield to provide a front barrier from wind, dust, and rain.
Includes 4 quick clamps preinstalled for a quick and easy install.

Rear Bumper
Rear Bumper

Upgrade the visual appearance while guarding the cargo bed Includes. Tail Lamp Guards.

Arm your RTV-XG850 with an arsenal of accessories:

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Be confident in the power of your Sidekick with an extensive collection of applications. The RTV-XG850 is built to get the job done.

Ranch & Farm

Ranch & Farm

With the RTV-XG850, you’ll get more work done in less time. Its packed with industry-leading utility to handle jobs around your ranch, farm, pasture, and more! It’s a heavy-duty workhorse with better towing and hauling capacity.

Outdoor Maintenance

Outdoor Maintenance

Big hauling job? Get the RTV-XG850. It’s built to handle hauling jobs with a class leading 2,000 lb towing capacity and standard trailer hitch, it’s ready for a wide range of towing jobs, from boats to trailers and so much more. Plus, it can carry up to 1,000 lb in a rugged steel cargo box with optional electric hydraulic lift for quick, effortless dumping.



The RTV-XG850 is ready for your big jobs. Its steel cargo box carries up to 15.2 cubic feet or half a ton of tools, gear, supplies, building material, and more! And with it’s smooth suspension and extra clearance, the Sidekick won’t bottom out.

Hunting & Angling

Hunting & Angling


Enjoy the thrill of the hunt with the RTV-XG850. It comes with improved utility and power for any expedition. Heavy-duty paneling can protect you from whatever the outdoors brings. It’s also got a camo option fit for the seasoned huntsman. Let the hunt begin!


Angling is an adventure with the Kubota Sidekick. Improved carrying capacity, as well as hauling and towing power offer you great options to what you can take and bring on your fishing excursions. The RTV-XG850 also possesses highly adaptive suspension to help you navigate the terrain to your favourite fishing spots.

Durability. Performance. Speed. All-in.

From front to back, inside and out — the Kubota RTV-XG is engineered to raise the bar on what a utility vehicle can accomplish.

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Why the new Kubota RTV-XG?


The Sidekick is designed to make your work comfortable and convenient. From the NEW ergonomic steering wheel and shift knob, speed-sensitive electric power steering, to bright LED headlights and more!

Comfortable Seating

Spacious interiors, and ergonomic split-bench seats provide hours of comfort for both driver and passenger.

Cargo Box

The RTV-XG850’s cargo box is equipped with heavy-duty steel tie-down hooks to keep your gear and loads secure no matter what.

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Compare our Kubota RTV-X900 and RTV-XG850

Fuel Type Diesel Gas
Displacement 898 cc 851 cc
Horsepower 21.5 HP @ 3,200 rpm 48 HP @ 5,750 rpm
No. of cycles 4 4
No. of cylinders 3 2
Cooling System Liquid Liquid
Max Speed (forward) 40 km/h (25 mph) 64.4 km/h (40 mph)
Type Variable Hydrostatic Transmission (VHT-X) CVT PLUS (CVT with centrifugal clutch)
Gear selection 2 Range, Low / High 2 Range, Low / High
Fuel Tank L (gals) 30 (7.93) 32.7 (8.64)
Payload kg (lb) 775 (1,664) 651 (1,435)
Towing kg (lb) 590 (1,300) 907.2 (2,000)
Cargo Bed
Material Steel Steel
Width mm (in) 1,465 (57.7) 1,030 (40.5)
Length mm (in) 1,030 (40.5) 1,465 (57.5)
Depth mm (in) 285 (11.2) 290 (11.4)
Volume m3 (cu. ft) 0.43 (15.2) 0.43 (15.2)
Front Independent, Dual A-arms with adjustable spring preload Independent, Dual A-arms with adjustable spring preload
Front Travel mm (in) 203.2 (8) 228.6 (9)
Rear Independent with coil over shock Independent with coil over shock
Rear Travel mm (in) 203.2 (8) 215.9 (8.5)
Ground Clearance
Front mm (in) 266 (10.5) 249 (9.8)
Rear mm (in) 263 (10.4) 249 (9.9)
Length mm (in.) 3,055 (120.3) *without front guard 2,973 (117) *without bumper (GP)
Width mm (in.) 1,605 (63.2) 1,605 (63.2)
Height, overall mm (in.) 2,020 (79.5) 2,020 (79.5) *include ROPS
Front tread centers mm (in.) 1,240 (48.8) 1,320 (52)
Rear tread centers mm (in.) 1,240 (48.8) 1,320 (52)
Wheelbase mm (in.) 2,045 (80.5) 2,045 (80.5)
Turning radius m (ft.) 4.0 (13.1) 4.0 (13.1)
Weight kg (lb) 865 (1,907) 799 (1,761)

What people enjoy about the RTV-XG experience: