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Kubota engineers had the simplicity in mind when they engineered the new ground-breaking PTO and hydraulic connection


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Easy-to-use design

Why? Because our easy-to-use design doesn’t require you to connect the PTO shaft under the tractor.

Fully engaged and instantly operational

Instead, the PTO shaft is fully engaged and instantly operational with a simple movement of the K-Connect lever.

Conveniently located

Same goes for your hydraulic and electric functions conveniently located within the sealed storage protectors. All it takes is a simple pull/push motion, and you’re fully operational. It will take you less than 5 minutes to install your front implement.

Designed with safety and efficiency

Designed with safety and efficiency in mind, this system, combined with Kubota’s 4-point hitch, makes the arduous task of connecting a front snowblower, front blade and sweeper a thing of the past, no matter which K-connect model you use.

Now available

The K-connect is now available on the new BX80, L60 and RTV-X series.