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Rotary Tillers

RTA12 Series

The Land Pride RTA12 Series Rotary Tillers till soil for seedbed or planting preparation and have uses in applications such as residential landscaping and gardening. The offset capabilities allow the tiller to work closer to objects such as fence lines, buildings, or trees. Operator can control the tilling depth with the adjustable skid shoes. A 15" rotor swing diameter turns the soil over faster, and enables deep tilling action. NOTE: Quick-Hitch may require a longer driveline, which is available through Land Pride Parts.


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10 Year chain and sprocket warranty

Shows our confidence in this product providing many years of service.

Working Widths

A wide range of widths are available to meet specific customer needs

6 1/2” Digging Depth

For deep soil penetration.

Formed Plate Steel Upper Hitch

Plate steel is stronger than flat bar type hitch.

Clevis Lower Hitch

Provides additional strength and easy one person hook-up.

Fits Land Pride Quick-Hitch

Allows for quick and easy one person hook-up. Does not offset to the left with Quick-Hitch.

Adjustable Parking Stand

Allows for easy hook-up and storage.

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Winter won’t stop Canada. And it won’t stop Kubota.

When the cold weather hits, you need machines that don’t just want to hide under a warm blanket. Kubota’s equipment and attachments are cold-weather tested for Canadian winters, so you can count on them when the days are short and the temperature is down. Whether you need a snow blower or a hard-working tractor, count on Kubota to get up, get out, and do the job.

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