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Welcome to baling in the fast lane. The NEW Kubota FastBale offers a swifter, simpler, and smarter way to bale across a variety of work modes and crop types—with no compromise to quality. This heavy-duty round baler comes with a dual chamber design and a wrapper all-in-one for efficient, non-stop baling.


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FastBale leaves the stop-start hassle of common round baling in the dust. Thanks to its dual chamber design and built-in wrapping capability, you’ll bale on. It works by using both chambers at different parts of the baling process. The bale is then finished off at the wrapper—all while both chambers continue baling non-stop.


FastBale has two bale chambers that make for a unique baling process. The crop is first fed and compressed into the pre-chamber, before being diverted to the main chamber and compressed a second time. This double compression process results in denser bales. It’s then wrapped before hitting the ground to ensure high feed quality.


FastBale integrates twin wrapping satellites to quickly encapsulate the bale in plastic wrap while being secured by two powered rollers for a high-quality finish. The bale is then gently discharged on its side or end reducing the risk of the bales rolling away on hilly fields and maintaining the feed quality by not being punctured as there is more wrap on the end of the bale. This efficient layout reduces the space required for the full rotation of film, resulting in a more compact machine, allowing for faster operation, and high precision wrapping process.


Enjoy the capability to work in a variety of modes according to different crop types and requirements.

  • Baling and wrapping in non-stop mode allows maximum output.
  • Baling only in non-stop mode with the wrapper raised ensures bales are discharged directly from the main bale chamber with no delay.
  • Baling only in non-stop mode with wrapping unit down and inactive discharges bales in pairs for more efficient collection.
  • Baling in the main chamber only (Non-Stop off) is ideal for baling very dry crops.
  • Baling and wrapping using the main chamber only (Non-Stop off) to finish up the field.


With its large diameter 25 knife rotor, FastBale allows you to virtually bale any crop type in various conditions—while ensuring that the process is efficient and quick, with minimal blockage. Should a blockage occur, FastBale is outfitted with a Drop floor, making removing plugs a breeze, and allowing you to quickly get back to baling.


FastBale is designed to be an efficient machine through and through. It’s built with durable high-quality parts to ensure it’s ready to roll summer after summer. The compact design of the baler allows easy transport on the road and in tight fields. Best of all, since FastBale is an ISObus machine it is simple and easy to operate with the Tellus Pro or any ISObus Terminal found in many newer tractors today.

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  • FastBale 150+ HP 48" x 48" 1000 rpm Request a quote Detailed Specs
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