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Kubota RA2000 / Kverneland 9000

The Kubota rakes are equipped for maximum raking performance. The FarmLine rakes all feature 0.35" wire diameter tines, whereas the ProLine rakes include heavy duty 0.39" wire diameter tines for outstanding durability. With up to 13 double tangential tine arms and up to 5 double tines per arm, Kubota rakes are equipped for maximum raking performance.


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The two rotors are lifted hydraulically for headlands turns Easy and fast No damage of the swath from the rotors Outstanding ground clearance in headland position (up to 45 cm/ 18 in! Active wheel steering allows the rake to go through narrow gateway and make sharp turns on headlands up to 80°

Kubota TerraLink Quattro System

The Kubota TerraLink Quattro System provides perfect ground contour following in three dimensions. The trailed axle configuration enhances quiet running and reduces tractor input power, particularly in wet conditions. It provides superb stability on slopes and while tracking during road transport. And is absolutely maintenance and wear-free.

Unique Maneuverability

Kubota's side delivery rotary rake model has carrier frames that allows for controlled rear steering, allowing the rake to make turns up to 80 degrees. This is ideal for making tight turns on headlands and productive swathing, even in awkwardly shaped fields. When in headland position, an outstanding lifting height of 18", prevents swath damage. And with a lower center of gravity, this model has excellent stability.

All Functions Controlled from the Cab

All functions can be controlled from the tractor cab. A simple pull of a rope is all that is needed to activate the standard hydraulic lifting of the swath board. And with a 20" lifting height, swaths are easily crossed.

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Winter won’t stop Canada. And it won’t stop Kubota.

When the cold weather hits, you need machines that don’t just want to hide under a warm blanket. Kubota’s equipment and attachments are cold-weather tested for Canadian winters, so you can count on them when the days are short and the temperature is down. Whether you need a snow blower or a hard-working tractor, count on Kubota to get up, get out, and do the job.

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