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KX080 Series

Kubota’s flagship 8-ton Power Utility Excavator combines performance with superior digging force.


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Common Rail & DPF

The Common Rail System (CRS) electronically controls the fuel injection timing and amount in stages rather than all at once for optimal combustion. The results are greater efficiency, better fuel economy and less engine noise. Its combination with the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Muffler reduces emissions to make the KX080-4 Tier IV-compliant

Auto-Shift Travel Motors

Now your excavator moves how you want it to---even at high speeds. When working with heavy loads, making turns or backfilling trenches, the system automatically downshifts for more torque. This shift is so smooth and seamless you’ll feel as though you’ve never left high speed. 

Tight Tail Swing & Compact Machine Width

Thanks to its contoured, tight tail design creataed by the shorter rear overhang, the KX080-4 has excellent stability, can handle a wider range of loads, and can work in more restrictive spaces.

Two-Piece Hose Design

Kubota’s innovative two-piece hose design for the dozer blade reduces hose replacement time by nearly 60% compared to nonjoint types. This design virtually eliminates the need to enter the machine for maintenance.

Deluxe Suspension Seat

Designed and engineered with comfort in mind, Kubota’s high-back suspension seat reduces strain and minimizes operator fatigue. It reclines to accommodate your individual posture, and offers weight compensation, firm wrist support and retractable seat belts.

Auto Idling System

Save fuel with Kubota's Auto Idle. Reduce engine RPM instinctively when high engine speed isn’t needed. When the control levers are in neutral for more than 4 seconds, the engine RPM automatically idles. Move any control lever and the engine RPM immediately returns. This innovative feature reduces noise and exhaust emissions while reducing operating costs.

New digital panel

Informative, interactive and functional, Kubota’s Intelligent Control System LCD panel accurately displays timely diagnostic readings and routine maintenance alerts. You’ll be kept informed of your current working conditions, engine RPM, temperature and oil levels. These new features help reduce downtime and costly repair fees.

Angle blade option

Save time and work more efficiently. With a simple movement of the rocker switch, the hydraulic angle blade can be angled to the right or left to push soil to the side as the machine moves forward, eliminating the need for repetitive repositioning at right angles when backfilling trenches.

Proportional auxiliary flow

Two auxiliary hydraulic circuits come standard on the KX080-4. The convenient thumb-operated rocker switch allows easy proportional operation of the auxiliary attachment, while a forefinger- operated on/off switch enables simple operation of attachments that require a constant oil flow.


This unique function lets you control the oil flow and eliminates the hassle of using tools to change settings manually. The maximum oil flow setting is conveniently adjustable using the digital panel. You can even program up to five oil flow rates corresponding to specific attachments so they can be quickly retrieved for the next job. Adjustable oil flow enhances performance and saves fuel .

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Optional Implements & Attachments

KX080-4S Implements & Attachments: Buckets

  • Buckets
  • Width
  • Coupling
  • Description
  • Capacity
  • K9982QC 18" Bucket Quick Attach 4-Teeth 6.1 Cu.Ft Capacity Request a quote
  • K9983QC 24" Bucket Quick Attach 5-Teeth 7.5 Cu.Ft Capacity Request a quote
  • K9984QC 30" Bucket Quick Attach 6-Teeth 10.1 Cu.Ft Capacity Request a quote
  • K9985QC 36" Bucket Quick Attach 7-Teeth 12.6 Cu.Ft Capacuty Request a quote
  • K9987QCD 48" Bucket Quick Attach No Teeth 12.9 Cu.Ft Capacity Request a quote
  • K9987QCT 48" Bucket Quick Attach No Teeth 45 Deg Tilt Left And Right Request a quote
  • K9989QCD 60" Bucket Quick Attach No Teeth 14.4 Cu.Ft Capacity Request a quote



KX080-4S Download PDF


KX080-4S Download PDF