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K-Haul Trailers

Western Canada Trailers

Kubota’s heavy-duty lineup of trailers serve as excellent transport solutions for a variety of tasks—from commercial to residential and beyond. From 12 foot variants up to 20 foot behemoths, each K-Haul trailer is constructed the right way to work well with others and get the job done payload after payload.


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Utility Trailer

The KHU12-3.5SL series’ single axle, 12-feet trailer is the ideal hauling solution for homeowners, weekend warriors, and residential jobs. It’s built to handle the essentials and get the job done season after season.

Landscape Trailer

This is a trailer built for challenging cargo and tasks. The KHL20-7SL series offers elevated performance and reliability for professional landscapers, professional property maintenance contractors, as well as other large commercial grade projects.

Float Trailer

Take on the heaviest loads and cargo in the industry with absolute confidence. The KHF20-14SL Series is a float trailer robustly designed to transport the most challenging payloads from job to job. It’s exactly constructed to meet what professionals demand.

Dump Trailer

Take it and dump it. The robust KHD14-16SL Series dump trailer is built to both lift and carry commercial grade payloads. It’s well-suited to handle the demands of construction sites, professional contractors, and more.