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Peace-of-mind protection for your Kubota equipment.

Protect your equipment and your business. Did you know when you finance your Kubota through our financing program, you can also protect your investment by choosing a Kubota insurance option that provides you:

Physical Damage Insurance 
Kubota Canada Ltd. provides coverage to replace your equipment in the event of loss or damage.
(Not available in Quebec). 

Broad Protection
Unlike a typical homeowner's policy, which may not meet the financing requirements of Kubota Canada Ltd., this valuable policy offers broader protection for your Kubota equipment. In addition to coverage off property and in-transit, this policy provides protection for larger equipment that is often excluded from your homeowner's policy.

Convenient Payment Options
When you choose to finance your equipment through Kubota Canada Ltd. you may add the cost of the insurance to your loan payment. This means one convenient bill for all your required payments.

Kubota equipment owners can have peace of mind knowing their equipment is protected on & off property and while in-transit. As an added benefit, in the event of a claim, transportation to and from your local Kubota dealer is included.

Low Deductible 
A low $250 deductible will apply to a loss. This valuable policy is underwritten and issued by Chartis Insurance Company.