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Gentlemen on the street. Beasts on the curling sheet.

Kubota welcomes you to the eternal battle of rock versus jock. Country star Gord Bamford and his handpicked team take on Olympic Gold Medalist Brad Gushue for an icy clash of the ages. Witness the tension, the thrills, and all the unexpected surprises in this epic curling showdown. It’s Team Bamford against Team Gushue. Game on!


Born in Australia, and raised in Alberta, GORD BAMFORD is a multi-awarded powerhouse country music artist. His songs touch the heart and can get your feet moving. When he’s not playing music, Gord relies on his Kubota BX to clear snow for his children’s hockey games.

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Newfoundland’s BRAD GUSHUE is a bona fide Curling champion and Olympic gold medalist. Brad’s accomplishments for the game cement his place among the best to ever play. With his calibre of skill and talent, it’s no wonder he’s a worthy embodiment of Kubota’s strong values.

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