KubotaNOW available on IOS & Android

View and access equipment information and alerts remotely through your iOS or Android device via the MY KUBOTA app.

Monitor vital stats

See your equipment’s Fuel/DEF levels, accumulated hours, temperatures and more.

Advanced location tracking

Always stay aware of where your equipment is located. Set up geofencing to plot boundaries that will alert you when the unit leaves an area.

Get important updates

Set equipment alerts and stay informed on your unit’s status.

Remote shut off

For added safety and security, you can remotely turn off your equipment.

Added layer of security

In the event your equipment is stolen or missing, you can find it through location tracking or remotely prevent it from being started.

Connect to fleet management platforms

Use ZTR or Cellutrak software to easily access and view Kubota telematics.


The Cellutrak Control software is a cost-effective theft prevention management tool that provides insights into the activity, performance, and location of all of your Kubota products.

Cellutrak allows you to:

  • See where your Kubota is located; it will show you its location anywhere in the world
  • Have full control of your vehicle with remote engine enable or disable
  • Set restrictions for your Kubota, and get text message or email updates if the restrictions are broken
  • Create location zones and receive updates when your Kubota leaves that zone
  • Review reports on your vehicle to help you see usage trends over timePlus a lot more
Click here for more information about Kubota telematics.
Click here for more information about Kubota telematics.