Material Handling

Equipment that makes the grade.

Building projects in Canada come in all shapes, sizes – and in all kinds of weather. They also require moving all kinds of materials, such as dirt, gravel, building debris, brush and more. Kubota has what you need to keep projects moving, and that means being able to move material quickly and safely.

With Kubota’s range of loaders, tractors, and attachments, getting material to grade is no problem thanks to their superior maneuverability and outstanding traction and control even on difficult terrain. Kubota also provides multiple compact-sized options so you can get in – and out – of tight spaces, including RTVs that offer a high load capacity and a hydraulic dump box. Plus, Kubota attachments like buckets, forks, and blades can quickly be added to all vehicles for maximum versatility.

Move with precision and efficiency.

To help operators work efficiently and be more profitable, Kubota Canada Limited offers more than just construction equipment and attachments. It now has a complete solution for those operators looking to build cement pads for buildings, driveways, foot paths, tennis courts or road ways, just to name a few. Pair a Kubota Compact Track Loader or Skid Steer and Kubota Box Blade attachment with the Trimble EarthWorks Go 2D grading system for precise and precision grading work. Program Trimble Earthworks to the grade and slope you desire and all you have to do is drive - the machine control system will do the work for you.

Kubota has the features you need:

  • Get on the right track: whether you’re on hard or soft surfaces, Kubota is equipped with the padded or wavy track to give you maximum traction, durability and flotation with minimal damage to the surface.
  • Put Kubota on your bucket list: Kubota has a great lineup of buckets and attachments to excavators work in tight spots, while available root rakes and tooth/frost rippers help you tackle tough ground and vegetation. Kubota offers a standard and premium bucket lineup. The premium bucket lineup allows the trenching and ditching buckets to be mechanically reversed.  In addition the premium bucket lineup has two tie hooks on back to place or lift objects.
  • Tires for every terrain: Kubota off road tires provide maximum traction in non-hard surfaces such as dirt, clay or gravel, no matter the conditions. Plus, solid and tweel wheels offer an alternative to tires – which means they’ll never go flat.