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Use Kubota at Home Residential

For over 40 years Kubota has helped countless Canadians keep their properties picturesque. Kubota’s premium range of residential equipment has been specifically designed for the residential customer. Renowned for its high quality and reliability, the entire product range is backed by Kubota’s Canada-wide dealer service support network, offering you expert advice, service and parts when you need it most.

If you’re looking for a premium product that will offer you years of dependable use, look no further than Kubota’s residential equipment range.

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Smaller than a full-size tractor and easier to operate, the sub-compact BX80 Series has the power and versatility to take on your toughest gardening, landscaping, and property maintenance jobs. A fuel efficient 3- cylinder diesel engine provides plenty of power to haul, climb, and pull your way through even the most challenging tasks.

The NEW Kubota L02 Series is built to outperform its affordable price. It works with a comprehensive offering of loader attachments and performance-matched implements to handle loads of applications. Best of all, it features lasting Kubota durability, comfort and reliability to handle the tough jobs to come.


Step up to the Kubota T Series and get more of everything you want in a premium lawn tractor. More comfort to keep you relaxed and refreshed. More convenience to make the job easier. More efficiency to get the job done fast. And, of course, more Kubota dependability and durability to keep your T Series doing what the T Series does best: making your lawn look great.

Mow your lawn and mow it well with this top of the line, premium lawn tractor. You’ll get the job done quickly with outstanding ALL WHEEL DRIVE traction and an efficient 48’ or 54’ mower decks. Discover ultimate comfort through the high back suspension seat. This tractor is built for you by providing reliability through both DIESEL and gas engine options, a shaft drive mower deck and Glide Steer technology resulting in a flawlessly cut lawn time and time again.


Get ready for a whole new RTV experience. Kubota RTVs have been the best-selling diesel utility vehicles in North America since 2004.* And no wonder. Each year, they set the standard for ruggedness and reliability, proving themselves ready to work day after day under all kinds of conditions.

As part of Kubota’s renowned RTV line of workhorse utility vehicles, the Sidekick is ready to work on the farm, around the pasture and in the woods with industry-leading durability and performance. A powerful 48 HP gasoline engine takes work performance and efficiency to all-new levels by providing unprecedented acceleration and fast travel speed. With this kind of speed and versatility, you’ll get more work done in less time, leaving you with plenty of time to relax and take in your view.