Lawn Care & Property Maintenance

Built for lawns, landscapes and modern living.

When it comes to lawn care and property maintenance, Kubota equipment is always in season. Whether you’re cutting or cleaning lawns, doing preventative maintenance like dethatching and aeration, or taking on more intensive projects like removing tree branches and mulch, you can count on Kubota’s lineup of landscaping equipment and attachments.

Not every landscape is smooth sailing. Kubota equipment is built to handle any terrain, whether it’s full of hills, full of holes, or just full of obstacles. Choose from a range of different sizes so you can tailor your needs to the size of the property. Attachments like brush cutters and grass catchers are easy to attach and remove – and with some mowers, you’ll even have the option of using it for snow removal in the winter. Kubota’s Z200 and ZD Series mowers are equipped with fast mowing speed and high quality cuts, that way you can get through your lawn care in a productive and efficient manner.

Equipped for your property tasks.

Kubota understands that your tasks go beyond lawn care, which is why their equipment is equally adept for general property maintenance. Their BX Series sub-compact tractor boasts superior versatility and compatibility with an array of attachments based on your needs. You could be mowing your lawn in the morning, and aerating your yard to relieve soil compaction and increase air circulation in grassy surfaces in the afternoon. Or, if you need to reshape soil and prepare the surface, a landscape rake is your go-to. No matter the task, Kubota’s lineup of sub-compact tractors, mowers, and attachments will help maintain your property year round.