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Introducing the all-new Kubota M8 Series

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Today’s farming operations continue to advance, requiring families, workers and communities to respond to economic and environmental challenges more than ever before.  These challenges have a direct impact on today’s farming solutions.

Now, more than ever, new solutions are needed to help farmers adapt to the changing demands of agriculture.  While the traditional equipment purchasing priorities of quality and reliability remain, the demand for maximum power efficiency and productivity continues to drive our industry.

Solutions that embrace these factors while combining leading edge technology are needed to respond to these challenges. Solutions that ensure productivity and shape a better future.

Kubota continues to deliver leading edge solutions by adding a new tractor to its renowned roster of reliable machines, one that’s geared for the challenges of modern farming and beyond.

The All-New Kubota M8 Series is a breakthrough answer to these challenges intended to deliver forward thinking farming innovations.

Welcome to the future of farming.




Wide steps and a generous cab entrance welcome you into the M8 Series’ spacious interior. With an impressive 148 cubic feet of cabin space, every inch of the M8 Series is crafted to deliver a grand operational experience at every opportunity.


Enjoy entertainment options, along with easily accessible A/C, radio & light controls. There’s even a power-ready USB port, with multiple 12V power outlet available for an extra monitor or other devices and optional 110V socket.


Experience plush seating with standard air-suspension for a smooth ride. Upgrade to semi-active suspension, or to the robust package with leather covers, semi-active suspension and heating/cooling. These seats also come with an accessible storage compartment, cup holders, and a cubby to stow away a cellphone.
Additionally, there is a foldable instructor seat that can double as an added work station.


Access manual climate control to keep the cabin comfortable with an option to upgrade to automatic climate control.

Your office with a view

Enjoy panoramic 360 views along with a high visibility roof panel from its robust 4-post cabin. To help with visibility no matter the conditions, front and rear wipers, window defoggers, and rear window defrost all come as standard equipment— with power adjustable, heated mirrors as options. There’s even a standard sun visor equipped at the front, with an option to add a rear visor.


Take full command of the M8 Series with the intuitive multi-function lever and other controls, conveniently mounted on the right hand armrest.


The M8 Series’ major functions are logically laid out on a spacious console, all the while keeping every button, switch, and lever within easy reach. Your right hand stays on the multi-function lever, while your left hand is free for steering.

Trusted power meets quality.


Power made for high performance

The M8 series is paired with the formidable and efficient Cummins B6.7 Performance Series engine, one of the most dependable in the market. Available in 180 horsepower and 200 horsepower models, the B6.7 features an EGR-free design that enables greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

This six-cylinder, 6.7L workhorse enhances your productivity using proven single Holset VGT™ variable-geometry turbocharger technology. Overall, this achieves exceptional power density and responsiveness with fuel-efficient performance while delivering outstanding reliability and durability.

Amped for power. Maxed for efficiency

The integrated Single Module™ after treatment system combines the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) in one unit which provides clean emissions to meet EPA Tier 4 Final / Stage V standards and deliver great efficiency.

Easy to Operate

Kubota engineers all our tractors to be easy and simple to use. The M8 Series’ intuitive controls and convenient features are designed to streamline and enhance operations. This machinery is built with the understanding that your tractor is your office—it must be as comfortable as it is efficient in every way possible.

Likewise, the M8 Series’ command center is crafted with the operator in mind: from clear interface design, ergonomically arranged controls, to a configuration that minimizes hand and foot movement for efficient control of the tractor. This adds to a complete operating experience focused on confident workability and precision farming.

Precision Farming

Precision Farming

The M8 is compatible with all industry leading precision farming solutions. Whether engaging auto steering to simplify your tasks on the go or utilizing your prescription mapping to maximize your yields.



Easily view the M8 Series’ functions through the standard 7” K-Monitor or optional 12” K-Monitor Pro LCD touch screen display. It’s simple to use and gives you access to a host of features that help you get the job done. It includes: Tractor Systems Control, ISO-BUS compatible implement control, with connectivity for cameras to the monitor. You can even select the information you want displayed to reflect what matters to you.

ISO-BUS Standard

ISO-BUS Standard

The M8 Series’ models can handle ISO-BUS compatible implements. Just attach the implement to the universal plug, and information will be displayed on the LCD monitor for adjustment and control.

Kubota Headland Control

Kubota Headland Control

A smarter way to take control. The Kubota Headland Control allows the creation of customizable programs for fully automated operations of the tractor and ISO-BUS compatible implements. The Headland Control System frees the operator to concentrate on maneuvering the tractor, and helps to ensure more precise turns.

Transmissions built for a multitude of work

Power needs the proper transmission to maximize its full potential. The Kubota M8 Series features a fully electronic controlled Semi-Powershift transmission system or the optional KVT transmission. This means the Kubota M8 Series can effectively work at the speed you need.

A full range of speeds for full-size results


Quickly reach the right speed for the job thanks to the speed matching feature. The fully electronic controlled Semi-Powershift Transmission comes with 30 forward and 15 reverse gears with speeds up to 40 km/h. There are 6 powershift gears per range, with two gear overlap, reducing the need to make range changes in working conditions. Upgrade to increase travel speed to 50 km/h with a suspended front axle.


Take advantage of a transmission system that provides infinite forward and reverse speeds. Programmed for seamless speed setting to perfectly match the ideal working range for the job.


Enjoy smooth engagement when you change directions when moving forward or in reverse. The M8 comes standard with both a left-hand lever and right-hand multi-function handle control, for more shuttling flexibility.


Select 1 of 4 PTO speeds using the ECO/Standard mode lever and 540/1000 lever that are strategically positioned on the right rear section of the cabin for convenience. Utilizing economy mode will allow the PTO to operate at the required RPM with the tractor set at a lower engine rpm. This improves fuel economy while reducing noise and vibration. Customize PTO modulation to match the load on your implement. Faster modulation for lighter rotational loads or slower modulation for smoother PTO engagement on heavier loads.

3 shafts sizes are available:
540rpm | 1 3/8” 6-spline
1000rpm | 1 3/8” 21-spline
1000rpm | 13/4” 20-spline (Optional)


Eco Mode or standard operation selector for 540 or 1000 RPM (Small & Large) are strategically positioned on the right rear section of the cabin for convenience.

Hydraulics & 3-Point Hitch

This tractor built for the tasks of today and tomorrow, the M8 Series is highly customizable to your requirements. Whether you need precision or speed, the M8 can achieve both. It comes with reliable hydraulics and a 3-point hitch that offers maximum flexibility and strength.

The M8 Series’ hydraulic system delivers superior multitasking and efficiency. Its 3-point hitch can lift mounted equipment easily as well as handle a wide range of implements.


Engineered to provide easy hook up with cab controls easily accessed from the M8’s armrest controls. Take advantage of the standard lift capacity of 5560 KG (12,478 lbs) or upgrade to 7050 KG (15,543 lbs).


Compatible with Category III and Category IIIN attachments and implements.


Comes with reliable standard links or spring for the hook option.


The M8 comes with standard hydraulic trailer brakes to help with implement braking control.

The power of precision


Enjoy smarter, more efficient control of your hydraulic power to get the job done.

- 3 Hydraulic Valves 120 I/min (32 GPM)
- 5 Hydraulic valves 160 I/min (42 GPM)


When applications require high flow with an implement that controls their own hydraulic functions, the M8 has an available Power Beyond System to fill those needs.

- 1/2” Power Beyond Supply Coupler
- 3/4” Low Pressure Return Kit Case Drain
- 3/8” Flat Face Case Drain
- 3/8” Load Sensing Coupler


Experience the flexibility to use a wide range of attachments with the optional Category 3-point front hitch and front PTO. The operations are made easy with controls located on the arm rest.


Loader tractors perform tough jobs like lifting and carrying feed, bales and more. To improve ease and efficiency in a big way, Kubota integrates innovative loader functions into the M8 Series. This includes a mechanical self-levelling system, loader suspension, and impressive lifting capacity throughout the full range of lift height. Plus, these functions are easily executed via the tractor’s excellent visibility and intuitive armrest controls— further enabling smooth, quick, and convenient operations for any job. Best of all, the M8 Series’ boasts a maximum lift height and reach of 4600mm (181.2”) for great operational potential.

Kubota Shockless Ride (KSR)

A smooth ride helps minimize fatigue. With the standard KSR, jobs that require lifting and dumping of heavy loads are a lot easier on the operator.

Live 3rd Function Standard with Optional 4th Function

Conveniently located on the joystick grip, this function lets you work with a grapple bucket and other hydraulically controlled attachments with ease. Upgrade to add a 4th function for more flexibility.

Loader Joystick

Simplify front loader operations with the easily accessible Kubota engineered
control joystick.

Mechanical Self Leveling

The mechanical self-leveling system easily keeps your attachment level when raising or lowering the boom.

Optional Hydraulic Implement Lock

Equipped to easily attach and detach attachments such as buckets, bale spears and forks from the operator’s seat.

Single Coupler Level Hydraulic Valves

Quickly and simultaneously attach or detach all four hoses, with the standard quick attach system. Ideal for fast, mess-free, removal and installation of the loader.

Model M77
Leveling System Mechanical self-leveling (MSL)
Control Type Electrical joy stick
Standard Equipment Third function valve, Hydraulic valve quick couplers,
ccumulator (KSR: Kubota Shockless Ride)
Max. Lift Height To Pivot Pin - mm (in)
Under Level Bucket - mm (in)
4600 (181.2)
4300 (169.4)
Clearance with Bucket Dumped - mm (in) 3630 (143.1)
Max. Dump Angle 54°
Bucket Roll-Back Angle 49°
Lift Capacity (Pivot Pin, Max. Height) - kg (lbs)
(800mm Forward, Max. Height) - kg (lbs)
(Pivot Pin, Ground Level) - kg (lbs)
(800mm Forward, Ground Level) - kg (lbs)
2360 (5200)
2490 (5490)
3150 (6940)
2990 (6590)
Breakout Force (800mm Forward, Ground Level) - kg (lbs) 4600 (10140)

Tremendous Performance Front and Center

Tractor M8-181 / M8-201
Engine Engine B6.7L Tier 4 Final / Stage V
Manufacturer Cummins
Displacement 6.7L
No. of Cylinders 6
Aftertreatment DOC+SCR+DPF
Rated HP* 180* @ 2100 / 200* @ 2100
Fuel tank Capacity Gal (L) 99 (375)
Def Tank Capacity Gal (L) 9 (35)
Transmission Semi-Powershift 30x15(6PX5S)
24.8MPH (40km/h) STD
31 MPH (50km/h) OPT
CVT 24.8MPH (40km/h) STD
31 MPH (50km/h) OPT
PTO Type Electro-Hydraulically operated
Rear Spline 540 - 6 spline/1000 - 21 Spline
(Optional 1000 - 20 Spline)
RPM 540/540E/1000/1000E
Output HP (rated)* 145* @ 2100 / 159* @ 2100
Front PTO Type - Optional Electro-Hydraulically operated
Front PTO RPM 1000 - 21 Spline, clockwise
Hydraulics Hydraulic System Closed-Center Load Sensing (CCLS)
Steering/Operating Flow-gpm (L/Min) 11.1 (42)
Standard Implement Pump Flow-gpm (L/Min) 31.7 (120)
Optional Implement Pump Flow-gpm (L/Min) 42.2 (160)
Max flow at one EHR remote (L/Min) 31.7 (120)
# of (EHR) Rear Remotes 3 Standard
# of (EHR) Rear Remotes 5 Optional
Power Beyond Optional
Trailer Brake (Hydraulic) Standard
Rear 3-Pt Hitch 3-Point Lift CAT III/IIIN
Lift Cap, 24” Behind Lift Points - lbs (kg) 12478 (5660)
Optional: Lift Capacity - lbs (kg) 15543 (7050)
Ball ends Standard
Hook ends Optional
Drawbar - CAT III Standard
Drawbar - CAT III HD Optional
Front 3-Pt Hitch Category CAT IIIN
Lift capacity at OECD hook - lbs (kg)* 8818 (4000)
Trailer Brake (Hydraulic) Optional
Front Axle Rigid Limited Slip differential Standard
Suspended Full Locking differential Optional
Turning angle 55°
Rear Axle Bar Axle 105mm dia - 98” overall length Standard
Bar Axle 105mm dia - 118” overall length Optional
Cabin 7" K-Monitor Standard
12" K-Monitor Pro Optional
High Visibility Roof Panel Standard
Seat Fabric - Air suspension Standard
Seat Fabric - Semi-active Optional
Seat Leather - Semi-active heat and air conditioned Optional
Radio Ready Standard
Cab Suspension Optional Semi-Active Electro - Hydraulic
Exterior lighting Standard 8 Halogen / Optional 12 Halogen
LED lighting Optional 12 LED
Measurement Wheel base - in (mm) 114 (2896)
Avg shipping Weight - lbs (kg) 19510 (8850)
Height - in (mm) 128 (3250)

*Estimated values.

Kubota Tractor Corporation and Kubota Canada Ltd. reserves the right to change the stated specifications without notice. This material is for descriptive purposes only and reasonable efforts were used to set forth the contained information; some items shown may be optional and some products shown may not be available at all dealerships. Kubota disclaims all representations and warranties, express or implied, or any liability from the use of this material. For complete warranty, safety and product information, consult your local Kubota dealer and the operator’s manual. Power (HP/KW) and other specifications are based on various standards or recommended practices. For your safety, Kubota strongly recommends the use of a Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) and seat belt in almost all applications. This material is intended for the United States, US territories, and Canada only. For information regarding Kubota products or services outside these areas, see Kubota Corporation’s global web site. Kubota does not provide parts, warranty or service for any Product which is re-sold or retailed in any country other than the country for which the Product(s) were designed or manufactured.