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Orange Maintenance

Keep working at your best with Kubota Orange Plus.

You take pride in your work, we take pride in ours. That’s why we want to make sure your equipment is ready to work at peak performance. Kubota Orange Plus includes a maintenance program that helps you maximize the value of your equipment by reducing the cost of ownership and increasing the resale value.

Orange Maintenance - No time for downtime.
Kubota Orange Maintenance puts your equipment in a prime position to keep working for the long haul. Dealer vigilance during scheduled maintenance visits ensures any issues are spotted early — greatly enhancing equipment reliability and maximizing uptime when it matters most.

No one knows your Kubota like Kubota.
Trust your Kubota equipment to certified Kubota technicians and genuine Kubota parts. They’re a perfect fit and help to provide peace of mind, knowing your Kubota is in the best hands for high-quality results.

You’ll have the full support of local experts who know their customers by name and by need. Experts who are just as dedicated to your farm’s success as you are. Our service team uses Genuine Kubota Parts which are designed and manufactured to strict factory standards to help keep your Kubota equipment operating at peak performance.


Your Kubota belongs in the field, not in the shop.
Plan your uptime and help protect your equipment for the long haul with Kubota Orange Maintenance. The program can cover multiple years of use and includes servicing on models like the M7. It’s the best way to have your equipment working at peak performance while enhancing its resale value.

Contact your dealer to discover how Orange Maintenance can enhance your farm’s productivity.

Lower maintenance costs let you focus on higher yields.
Season after season, with Kubota Orange Maintenance, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you won’t have unexpected bills for equipment servicing. You’re also protected from inflationary increases in maintenance costs over time. This helps reduce variability in business production costs and you can couple this with finance packages to help you turn variable costs into fixed costs for more predictable annual budgeting.

Planned maintenance is a powerful investment.
It’s not just about saving on maintenance. It’s also about ensuring you get the highest quality of service and parts to provide value now – and in the future. Your local Kubota dealer knows exactly what to look for when performing a health check on your equipment. Dealer service also supports stronger residual value, and if the equipment is traded or sold before the warranty has been fully utilized, it can be transferred to the new owner – which also adds value.

More than ever, it takes dedication and ingenuity to keep a farm successful. That means making smart investments on all your equipment and ensuring that it’s reliable and well-suited to your unique needs. That’s where Kubota comes in.

This promotional maintenance package will cover all standard maintenance services for the first four years or 3 500 hours (whichever comes first) of the tractor’s operation, subject to the following: (1) this package includes but is not limited to, filters, fluids, and regular maintenance items as outlined in the maintenance plan documentation provided with the tractor; (2) the customer will be responsible for contacting their dealer for the initial 50 hour service and every 500-hour interval of the tractor's service life during this period to book a scheduled maintenance visit; and (3) the customer will be responsible for performing daily checks, regular visual inspections, and general monitoring of the tractor as outlined in the maintenance section of the tractor operator's manual. Costs associated with transport to and from the dealership are not included in this maintenance package.

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