Orange Maintenance

You take pride in your work, we take pride in ours. That’s why we want to make sure that you have the tools to help manage your operating costs. Currently available for the M7-2, Kubota Orange Plus offers three value-add and peace of mind products, including Maintenance, Warranty and Finance. In addition, you have the option to add on Comprehensive Insurance.

Kubota Orange Maintenance ensures you receive high-quality maintenance in accordance with Kubota’s technical specifications with factory trained technicians to help maximize reliability and minimize downtime.

Kubota's Orange Protection Plan supports you through any issues should they arise. Your coverage will protect you from unforeseen expenses, allowing you to effectively manage costs.

Kubota’s Lease and Finance options can be tailored to meet your cash flow requirements. When coupled with Orange Maintenance and Orange Protection this not only ensures your Kubota M7-2 is kept in peak condition to offer better reliability, but it also provides enhanced value and fixed operating costs.

Comprehensive Insurance, optionally available for M7-2 financed through Kubota Canada, provides additional peace-of-mind coverage. With Kubota’s Comprehensive Insurance, any claims to your tractor will not affect your premiums. Not available in Quebec.

Overall, Kubota Orange Plus offers great value and protection against rising costs and inflation to help manage your overall operating costs while maximizing your output, allowing you to focus on what you do best – being productive.

Orange Maintenance. No time for downtime.

Kubota Orange Maintenance puts your equipment in a prime position to keep you working for the long haul. Regular scheduled maintenance by trained technicians ensures issues are spotted early, enhancing equipment reliability, and maximizing uptime when it matters most.

Your Kubota belongs in the field, not in the shop.

Plan your uptime and help protect your equipment with Kubota Orange Maintenance. Your M7-2 includes a 4 year - 3,500 hr maintenance package, helping you to reduce your operating costs, while keeping your equipment working at peak performance.

Lower maintenance costs let you focus on what’s important.

Season after season, with Kubota Orange Maintenance, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are protected against inflationary costs.

Planned maintenance is a powerful investment.

It’s not just about saving on maintenance. It’s also about ensuring you get the highest quality of service and genuine Kubota parts, designed specifically for your machine.

More than ever, it takes dedication and ingenuity to keep a farm successful. That means making smart investments on all your equipment and ensuring that it’s reliable and well-suited to your unique needs. That’s where Kubota comes in.

Extended Warranty Orange Protection Plan.

Included with your Kubota M7-2 purchase is the Kubota Orange Protection Plan, it includes 4 years 4,000 warranty and 6 years 4000 hr powertrain coverage. Kubota’s comprehensive warranty guarantees your investment remains protected.


Both Orange Protection and Orange Maintenance Plans are fully transferable if you sell your machine. It remains with the machine for the duration of your purchased plan, increasing the resale value of your Kubota unit.

Tailor-made financial solutions to suit your needs.

Kubota has a variety of purchase and leasing programs to meet your business needs. From cash flow matched payment plans to financing as low as 0%, Kubota Canada’s in-house financial services division can provide you with flexible solutions.

Physical Damage Insurance.

When you finance your purchase through Kubota Canada, you can also protect your equipment with Kubota insurance throughout the term of your contract. The fixed premium included in your finance payment, will not change regardless of a claim. This provides broader protection for your Kubota equipment against fire, theft and total equipment loss. Additionally, the replacement policy gives you back your initial purchase price with a low deductible that you can invest in brand new Kubota equipment. (Note: excl. taxes, fees or delivery charges. Not available in Quebec).

Exceptional Service. Kubota Genuine Parts.

We understand that downtime costs money, so when you need equipment support, you can count on parts and service from our extensive dealer network. Our service team uses Genuine Kubota Parts which are designed and manufactured to strict factory standards. You'll be able to keep your Kubota equipment operating efficiently, and keep doing what you do best.

A Canadian Presence, Focusing on Canadians.

Kubota Canada takes pride in our Canadian-based operations with dealers in approximately 140 local communities across the country. We are focused on delivering products tested for Canada’s tougher climate and services that are there when you need them so that you can focus on getting work done.


This promotional maintenance package only applies to the M7-2 series tractor (excluding the M7-132D) and will cover all standard maintenance services for the first four years or 3 500 hours (whichever comes first) of operation, subject to the following: (1) this package includes but is not limited to, filters, fluids, and regular maintenance items as outlined in the maintenance plan documentation; (2) the customer will be responsible for contacting their dealer for the initial 50 hour service and every 500-hour interval of the tractor’s service life during this period to book a scheduled maintenance visit; and (3) the customer will be responsible for performing daily checks, regular visual inspections, and general monitoring as outlined in the maintenance section of the operator’s manual. Costs associated with transport to and from the dealership are not included in this maintenance package.

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