myKubota Support

Installing myKubota

myKubota is a free app available for iOS and Android from the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android). Simply click the appropriate link below and download myKubota today!

In addition to great features like adding your equipment, browsing attachments and implements compatible with your machine(s), finding how-to guides for self maintenance, keeping track of important documents, and easily connecting with your dealer, myKubota is the way to access your KubotaNOW Telematics features and data.

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Creating a myKubota User Account

Access to KubotaNOW Telematics data is obtained through the free myKubota app (available on iOS and Android) and requires an authorized myKubota account. The email address used to create an account in myKubota must match the ownership email on file for the warranty registration of the machine, and must be verified as a valid email address.

In addition to accessing KubotaNOW telematics data and features, a myKubota user account is required for other helpful features in the myKubota app, such as adding equipment to the equipment list, tracking maintenance of machines, selecting favorite dealers and more.

Creating a myKubota Account

Follow the steps below to quickly create a myKubota account:

  • Download the free myKubota app (available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store)
  • Launch the myKubota app
  • Click the “Profile” button in myKubota
  • Select the “Create Account” button
  • Enter email address used for warranty registration at time of purchase (Please contact your dealer if this information needs to be modified or verified)
  • Create and confirm password for myKubota (password must contain at least eight characters, at least one letter, at least one number, and at least one special character) Enter phone number
  • Click “Create Account”

Verifying Your myKubota Email Address

Once the account is created, the email address must be verified for access to KubotaNOW telematics data. Upon account creation, an email is automatically sent to the user email address provided. Simply open the email and click the button to “Verify Email Address”. This will open a browser window stating that the account has been verified. The browser window can then be closed, and the account has been successfully verified.

Create & Verify Account

Changing Your myKubota Account Password

If a user is unable to accurately enter the myKubota password, the password can be reset. Simply open myKubota and click “Profile”. Select “Sign In” in the upper right corner, and “Forgot your password?”.

Follow the directions to reset the myKubota password and gain access to the myKubota account.

Adding Your Kubota Equipment / Attachments / Implements

myKubota allows a user to add equipment to their Equipment List, for easy access to important resources and features specific to that machine. Adding your equipment is easy, either scan the QR code of the machine, or enter the information manually.

When entering the serial number manually, most models will accept the last 5 digits of the 17 digit serial number.

NOTE: Adding equipment to the Equipment List does require a free myKubota account

NOTE: KubotaNOW Telematics machines will automatically be added to the equipment list of an account created with the email matching the warranty registration email, and telematics data and features are only available to the owner or authorized representative of the machine.

Equipment QR L6060

Equipment QR RTV

Equipment Manual RTV

Editing Kubota Machine Details

To edit the details of your Kubota equipment, such as the machine name or engine hours, simply click on the machine in the Equipment tab. At the top of the equipment card, click the edit icon (pencil) in the upper right corner, next to the machine image. Enter the desired machine nickname and update the engine hours as needed.

NOTE: Engine hours cannot be modified on machines with KubotaNOW Telematics. This information is provided from the machine directly and will not need to be modified.

Deleting Equipment From myKubota

NOTE: Equipment with KubotaNOW telematics is unable to be deleted from the customer’s myKubota Equipment list.

To delete non-telematics enabled machines, simply swipe left on the machine to be deleted. For Android devices, this will delete the machine. For iOS, a red button with a trash can icon will appear on the right side of the equipment card. Click the delete button and confirm the deletion.

NOTE: Equipment with KubotaNOW telematics is unable to be deleted from the myKubota Equipment list. Removing the equipment after a change of ownership would be performed by the dealer.

myKubota Delete Equipment

Accessing Machine / Attachment Resources

Find machine-specific resources for your Kubota, at your fingertips. Simply access your machine(s) in the Equipment tab, or browse for available models in the Resources browser. In the equipment card, find useful features such as:

  • KubotaNOW Telematics Information and Features
  • Fault Code Lookup
  • Operator’s Manual (avialable to be saved offline for easy access)
  • Maintenance Guides – walkthroughs of common maintenance items, complete with step by step guides, images, and audio
  • Maintenance Schedule – know what maintenance is needed and at what interval
  • Compatible Attachments – see how you can extend your Kubota by finding compatible attachments and implements, and their resources, that are performance-matched for your Kubota

Operator Manuals

Rather than keeping track of your Kubota Operator’s Manual, simply access a digital version in the myKubota app. Available for most of the models produced by Kubota, this resource helps you make the most of your Kubota and keep your Kubota in top-performance shape.

The Operator’s Manual can also be saved to your device for offline viewing or shared as needed.

myKubota Owners Manual

Compatible Attachments / Implements

What else can I do with my Kubota? A Kubota is a very versatile machine, and Kubota has many attachments and implements compatible to extend the use, performance, and function of your Kubota.

By going into the equipment card or browsing for resources, you can easily view additional attachments and implements that have been performance matched to your Kubota, showing exactly how you can extend your Kubota. See what all you can do with your Kubota!

NOTE: We are actively working to add more supported attachments and implements. If you can’t find yours, leave feedback in the myKubota app and we’ll get it added as quickly as possible.

myKubota Compatible Attachments

Maintenance Schedule

What maintenance is needed for my machine? And when? Easily find out by looking at the maintenance schedule for your machine. See all of the maintenance items that are needed at each maintenance interval.

With KubotaNOW telematics, you can also be notified through myKubota of the upcoming maintenance that is needed, before the interval arrives.

myKubota Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Guides

How do you perform an oil filter change on your Kubota? Check track tension? Adjust belts as needed? Find detailed instructions, specific to your Kubota, in the Maintenance Guides. Complete with step-by-step instructions, photos, and an audio walkthrough, the Maintenance Guides help you to complete the maintenance needed on your Kubota, at your pace.

NOTE: Unfortunately, not all Kubota models have self-maintenance guides. Please contact your dealer for maintenance and service-related questions.

myKubota Self Maintenance Guide

Fault code Lookup

What does that fault code mean? Why is my machine showing that fault? Get answers easily with the Fault Code Lookup in myKubota.

Simply go into your machine Equipment Card, select Fault Code Lookup, and enter the fault code for details.

myKubota Fault Code Lookup

Accessing Dealer Information

Find your local dealer quickly, easily, and make it a Favorite to easily access address, contact information, website location, and driving directions. Select “Dealers” in the app and search by city or zip code.

Easily access your dealer’s website, call from the app, or even find the best way to get to the dealer.

myKubota Dealer Locate Contact

User Account / Notification Settings

myKubota allows a user to customize settings for the best user experience. Simply select “Profile”, then “Settings”.

Metric Units: Metric units can be enabled for users that prefer metric measurements over imperial measurements.

Language: myKubota is available in English and French. To change the language, simply change the language settings of the phone.

Messages: Promotions and announcements can be enabled or disabled.

Alerts: Important information about your Kubota is sent via alerts. Alerts are driven from machine events, such as Maintenance Due as well as all KubotaNOW notifications, such as Geofence and Transport notifications. These alerts are enabled by default, but can be disabled if the user prefers.

Providing myKubota Feedback

We are always looking for ways that we can improve and how we can better serve and support our customers, and help them get the most out of their Kubota. Feedback for myKubota can be provided by clicking “Profile”, then “Report a Problem”.

This feedback is reviewed regularly so we can provide better service and support for our Kubota family.