A smooth road ahead.

When it comes to asphalt or concrete, Kubota equipment and attachments are ready to hit it. Whether you’re milling asphalt or concrete, cutting trenches, or doing road repairs, Kubota’s lineup of construction equipment and attachments have what you need to get the job done.

It starts with the Kubota Skid Steer Loader and Compact Track Loader Series. The Kubota SSV and SVL are to be used as your base vehicle for driver comfort. Both the SSV and SVL feature roll up front door, ISO Oil Pilot Controls, large comfortable cab, and Kubota Diesel Engine. The ISO Oil Pilot controls provide fast and smooth operational response to give the operator the feel they desire. The optional hydraulic quick coupler will make attaching and removing attachments a breeze without ever having to leave your seat.

All the attachments you need.

Kubota’s extensive lineup of construction attachments are ready to work for any job at hand. Ranging from breakers, cold planers, road saws, a box blade with 2D Grade control, and more - Kubota’s durable attachments can help you remove old driveways, cement pads, side walks, or pathways to name a few.  Not only does Kubota have the attachments to remove material, it has the attachment to prepare for asphalt or cement. After the task is complete you will need a Kubota sweeper or box broom to clean the debris.

Kubota has the features you need:

  • Tires for every terrain: Kubota solid and tweel Hard Surface tires provide maximum grip while reducing tread wear on concrete and pavement.  You will not have any down time due to flat tires with the solid or tweel wheel.
  • Get on the right track: whether you’re on hard or soft surfaces, Kubota is equipped with the padded or wavy track to give you maximum traction, durability and flotation with minimal damage to the surface.