The BD7600 features a new split-box configuration and a larger capacity — up to 3.8 bu./ft. Newly designed feeder cups handle all types of seed and fertilizer with greater accuracy and consistency.



Sturdy box design & structure

The updated frame and seed boxes demonstrate industry-leading durability and flexibility.

Great Plains metering system

The Great Plains Metering System on the BD7600 Series Drills allows producers to meter large seed, small seeds, and fertilizer — all through the main box of the drill. Feeder cups have been rigorously tested for durability and designed to meter all types of seeds and fertilizer with greater accuracy and easier calibration to save producers both time and money. A host of features makes this feeder cup the most innovative feeder cup available on the market today.


DrillCommand brings a new level of accuracy, convenience, and functionality to Great Plains BD7600 Box Drills. Intuitive and easy-to-navigate buttons with simple-to-understand icons make using this software quick and unintimidating. This option works with most ISOBUS compatible monitors, including Mueller, Topcon, Trimble, Ag Leader, John Deere, and Tellus Pro.

Hydraulic drive system

This optional drive system streamlines operation with DrillCommand®, an easy-to-use ISOBUS-compatible interface that puts the control of the drill at your fingertips. This industry-leading technology provides automatic section control and variable-rate capabilities while simplifying operation and calibration.

Press wheel options

Choose from the 3"x 13" double rib, 3"x13" center rib, 2"x13" smooth, 3"x14" peak, 1"x12" double V, or 1.25"x13" double wedge-style press wheels (7½" or 10" spacings only).

Alternating leading edge opener blades

The opener disc blades are offset, with alternating leading edges to enhance stability and reduce side-shifting for greater precision.

T-handle depth control

T-handle offers 18 different positions for simple adjustments and accurate depth control.

Optional Topcon XD & XD+ monitors

Monitors are available in two screen sizes: 7" (XD) and 12.1" (XD+).

Optional scales

Measure and monitor accurate product weights in the boxes.

Optional blockage monitors

Monitor seed flow to ensure seeding performance.

Optional box lid lights

LED lights provide seed box visibility in low light conditions.

Optional needham seed tubes

Smooth interior improves flow of seed and fertilizer.

Surefire liquid fertilizer

Great Plains now offers Surefire Ag’s industry-leading liquid fertilizer application systems as a manufacturer-approved aftermarket solution for the BD7600 300 gal. (26’, 30’) and 400 gal. (40’) tank options. Surefire has over 15 years of experience meeting customer’s liquid fertilizer application needs, providing basic to advanced individual row control systems.



    Box Drill
    • Row Spacings: 6.0", 7.5", 10.0"
    • Main Box Capacity: 101.0 bu
    • Minimum HP Required (Engine): 112


    Box Drill
    • Row Spacings: 6.0", 7.5", 10.0"
    • Main Box Capacity: 110.3 bu
    • Minimum HP Required (Engine): 128


    Box Drill
    • Row Spacings: 6.0", 7.5", 10.0"
    • Main Box Capacity: 151.5 bu
    • Minimum HP Required (Engine): 170


    Box Drill
    • Row Spacings: 6.0", 7.5", 10.0"
    • Main Box Capacity: 181.0 bu
    • Minimum HP Required (Engine): 240