Specialty Crops

There are so many chores to be done on your enterprise, and each one is unique and ever-changing. One day, you’re tilling your soil and the next, you may be spraying an orchard. Kubota’s 360-degree approach is adaptable, interconnected, and reliable. Our equipment and implements are versatile and always ready to work.

Reliable and performant equipment.

Kubota’s wide range of tractors are designed to work for you. The M4N and M5N Series from our lineup are engineered specifically for vineyards, orchards, or anywhere else that might be a tight squeeze. The M6H Series tractor has high clearance and versatility in speeds to enhance performance whether you’re planting, spraying, or harvesting. Our equipment is adaptable, with an M6 Series ready for field work and loader ready, and our M8 and M7-2 Series that boast big power to get the most demanding jobs done. Kubota’s lineup also provides a range of both cab or ROPS options, so you’re prepared for any working conditions out in the field.

Kubota implements are performance-matched so that you get the most out of your equipment.  We offer ploughs, cultivators, and spreaders, so when you need to turn and break or stir soil, destroy weeds, or prepare and spread seed - we’ve got you covered. And, if you're mowing in the orchard, maintaining around buildings or mulching a field after harvest, Kubota’s full line of durable flail mowers and brush cutters will get the job done.

Our commitment to you:

  • Reduced operating costs: Success demands reliability, and Kubota has a proven track record of building quality equipment. Our experience in agriculture is poured into everything we do in order to help farmers improve their productivity, while staying true to their bottom line.
  • Financing directly from the dealer: Kubota dealers can tailor a variety of finance programs to meet your financial needs, providing plans that are flexible and ensure you get the most out of your investment.
  • Canadian-developed solutions ready for our conditions: Kubota knows that your equipment needs to be reliable and well-suited to your unique needs. Our 360-degree farming solutions provide tough, durable tools that work the same long hours you do.
  • Your local dealer is ready to help: Every Kubota dealership is independently owned and operated. The staff know their customers by name and by need - that’s why they’re able to provide the equipment, advice, and service to help you succeed in the field.