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DM3000 Series

Kubota's DM3000 Series center-suspended disc mowers offers an ideal combination of low weight and large working width. This model is made for convenience, requiring a tractor with a minimum of 140 HP for an efficient pull, and designed with a vertical transport solution for narrow transport.

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Outstanding Suspension

The DM3000 Series center suspension system ensures optimal tracking and precise ground contour following.

Non-Stop BreakAway

If hitting an obstacle the Non-Stop BreakAway system will be activated and swing the machine backwards and over the obstacle and then return it to the original working position. No need to stop – no time lost.

Three-Bladed Discs

With three blades per disc Kubota mowers are constantly cutting. This means a third less load per blade; an even load on the drive; smoother power usage; and produces a neat, cleanly cut stubble.

Fully Welded Cutterbar

The Kubota cutterbar’s high oil capacity ensures a very low working temperature for effi cient oil cooling and lubrication of the entire cutterbar. The fully welded cutterbar with overlapping C-channels makes for a very stiff and strong design, ensuring very high level of durability.

Vertical Transport Position

When in transport, the mowers are folded to a vertical position well behind the tractor. The center of gravity is close to the tractor, which ensures excellent weight distribution and transport stability.

Centre Pivot Suspension

The DM3040 is centre suspended to give an even weight distribution across the complete mower width. Faster and more precise adaptation to ground contours is also achieved because of the centre suspended design. The benefit is less skid wear and optimum protection of the stubble.

Work Smarter on the Go

This feature provides easy and simple setting of ground pressure on the Kubota DM3040. For greater operator comfort ground pressure of the large suspension spring is set hydraulically from the tractor cab. Easy to adjust, even on the go.

Hydraulic lifting on headlands

Lifting on headlands via hydraulic cylinder – ample ground clearance.

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