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RM3005V Series

These compact plows are easy to lift and equipped with the Variomat® system, which allows them to work efficiently in all soil conditions.


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Robust construction

For maximum strength and durability, the main frame of the plow is made of a single box section 150 x 150 mm induction heat treatment (no weld that weakens the frame).

Variomat® system

The Variomat® system is the solution for spring tillage, a season where the weather is so unpredictable. It combines efficiency and plowing quality.

Efficient Non-stop system

Kubota's non-stop system guarantees quality plowing. The arms emerge independently of each other. When the obstacle has passed, the plow body automatically returns to the correct plowing depth.

Robust head stock 200

For intensive plowing and tractors with a power of 200 HP. 120mm forged hollow shaft in one piece, heat treated and with sealed roller bearings. Cross-sectional trees of categories II and III.

Optional “Memory” system

The storage valve combined with the sequence valve is also activated during overturning. It reduces the plow to the narrowest 12" (30 cm) working width before turning. Once the cycle is complete, the plow automatically returns to the preset working width.

low fuel consumption

When changing the working width from 35 to 45 cm, the plow yield increases by 30%. And this increased yield actually costs less. It reduces fuel consumption by 18%, in part because Kubota plow bodies are easy to tow.

low lift requirement

The first assembly mounted to the main frame allows the plow to be as close to the tractor as possible. This substantially reduces the energy required for lifting compared to other brands. This intelligent design contributes to a greater\n stability of the tandem tractor and plow, which is particularly useful in steep terrain.

5 different plough bodies available

No 8,9,28,30,34

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