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M4D Series

Better working conditions lead to greater productivity. Through better comfort and visibility, the M4D is easy to work with. It comes with one of the largest cabs in its class, along with durable hydraulics and a turbocharged diesel engine to exceed the demands of tougher tasks.


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Having more visibility allows for better operation and capability. Designed with a curved upper windshield and skylight, the M4D boasts impressive upward viewing angles. This becomes a great advantage when using pallet forks or stacking bales with the loader. This tractor offer great visibility from the driving position— leading the way to better loader workability.


The M4D comes with one of the biggest cabins in its category. Every inch inside this dust-free workstation counts. It’s loaded with all-season climate control. Along with a shock-absorbing seat to reduce fatigue. There’s even an instructor seat that can be folded away for more space. Best of all, it has ergonomic control and steering features for better operation on the job.


Imagine, greater fuel economy with virtually no drop off in power. Experience Kubota’s turbocharged diesel engine designed to reach speeds of up to 40 KPH. It’s got the capable muscle to power a range of heavy-duty implements and attachments through the M4D’s PTO. All while reducing emissions, engine noise, and vibration for cleaner, less tiring operation — so you get the job done hassle-free.

Full-Frontal Capability

Experience superior lifting power with the Kubota designed and built front loader, specially optimized for farm work. It's been integrated with a slanted boom for better visibility and clear sight lines to the bucket and loader.

Highly Functional Hitch

Welcome any challenge on the job. The M4D is designed with a versatile Category II 3-point hitch offering quick and easy attachment of rear-mounted implements. Efficient. Versatile. Primed to get the work done.

Work Bright

Working from sun up to sun down is no problem thanks to the M4D’s standard bright LED work lights. Interior console light also illuminate the operator controls for more visibility when operating at night.

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Fall is Kubota Season

When summer comes to an end, the hard work doesn’t stop. In fact, it’s just getting started. There’s harvesting to be done, winter landscaping preparations to be made, and construction projects with deadlines that change the weather. Kubota knows. That’s why fall is our best season to invest in new equipment and attachments, from tractors to mowers to loaders, and more. From coast to coast, count on Kubota to help you get it done – and done right.

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