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M6H Series

The M6H-101 tractor is engineered with high clearance and more speeds to enhance performance in planting, spraying and harvesting applications.


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Technology Driven Engine Features

The M6H-101 High Clearance is equipped with a Kubota turbocharged V3800 Tier IV Final engine which has a Common Rail System (CRS), intercooler and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR). Emplyoment of a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system for minimized emissions. Additionally, it also has a RPM Memory to recall prefered engine RPM settings with the touch of a button and Constant RPM Management to keep the engine speed constant for stable operation.

24 Speed Swing Shift Transmission

The M6H High Clearance has 4 gears on main shift, High/Low/Creep (standard) on range gear shift and a Swing Shift. Swing Shift adds 4 more speeds to the main shift by actuating the electric-over-hydraulic High/Low synchronized range shift giving you access to a total of 8 speeds. Therefore, M6H-101 has access to a total of 24 speeds.


The M6H has gained additional weight from the previous model, weighting 8157 lbs. With its weight and stability, it can now handle more tasks with its best performance.

High Hydraulic Performance

The M6H-101 comes with 2 standard rear remote valves and can add an additional valve. Standard valves are one self-cancelling detent valve and one floating detent valve. With 17.6 GPM flow and an optional third remote valve, this tractor is ready to accept implements requiring multiple valves.

Hydraulic Shuttle Shift

Mounted to the left of the steering column, the shuttle lever's fingertip control makes it possible to shift smoothly from forward to reverse without using the clutch or stopping the tractor.

De-Clutch Switch on the Main Shift Lever

The de-clutch switch allows you to shift a gear without using the clutch pedal. This switch electro-hydraulically disengages the clutch while being pressed and once released, the clutch is reengaged

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