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MX Series

The MX Series brings comfort and performance, all-in-one. Both Open and Cab models feature comfort and simplified controls to make work easy whether in tight spaces or wide-open job sites. Enjoy low maintenance costs paired with high productivity.


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Starting at 
6 year

Multipurpose and more.

From raking, rotary cutting, cleaning chicken houses, golf course maintenance, material handling, feeding animals, moving bales, arena grooming, hobby farming, finish mowing snow removal and more—the MX Series packs a big productive punch.

Operation: Comfortable

Available in comfortable CAB or Open Station models, the MX Series comes loaded with features designed to make the operations easy and comfortable . So you can focus on the task at hand—no matter the weather, cold, hot, wet or dusty it gets.

Cost-Effective from day one

With an affordable starting price and low operational maintenance, the MX Series is a tractor that gives you more power for your buck. Now you can enjoy a new tractor at an affordable cost—while keeping productivity high.

Configured for capability

With a category I & II 3-Point Hitch, 2WD, or 4WD models, gear-drive or HST transmission, Open Station or CAB options, and a tight turning radius, the MX Series is a formidable machine ready for your challenges.

Front Loader

With a high lift capacity, lift height and breakout force, the MX Series’ LA1065 front loader has the power required to accomplish heavy-duty jobs. Best of all, it’s easy-to-use and features.

Easy to Access

For faster cleaning, the radiator screen can be removed from either side of the tractor. Additionally, the air filter, battery and coolant recovery tank are easily accessible. It’s as simple as getting in, getting out, and getting the job done!

OPEN and CAB models available

Enjoy the easy get in-and-out advantage of the Open platform model, or you can choose the year-round comfort offered by the Cab model. Whichever you choose, there’s an ergonomic seat to keep your back fully supported.

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Fall is Kubota Season

When summer comes to an end, the hard work doesn’t stop. In fact, it’s just getting started. There’s harvesting to be done, winter landscaping preparations to be made, and construction projects with deadlines that change the weather. Kubota knows. That’s why fall is our best season to invest in new equipment and attachments, from tractors to mowers to loaders, and more. From coast to coast, count on Kubota to help you get it done – and done right.

Implement & Attachment Discount

We all know that when you buy a tractor, you also require implements & attachments to fit your busy working needs. We are excited to announce Kubota Canada Ltd.’s Implement & Attachment Discount Program which gives you the best opportunity for additional savings on Implements & Attachments; on top of all of the other great programs currently available to you.

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Optional Implements & Attachments

MX5400DTRC Implements & Attachments: Backhoes, Loaders

  • Backhoes
  • Digging Depth
  • Bucket Size
  • Thumb
  • Loaders
  • Lift Capacity Lbs/Kg @ Pivot Pin
  • Lift Height In. / mm @ Pivot Pin
  • Quick Attach, Bucket



MX5400DTRC Download PDF
MX5400DTCC Download PDF
MX5400FRC Download PDF
MX5400HSTRC Download PDF
MX5400HSTCC Download PDF
MX6000HSTRC Download PDF
MX6000HSTCC Download PDF