Z400 Series

Zero Turn Mowers

  • Warranty 3 years

Designed for the residential user seeking high levels of comfort and convenience, and the professional user demanding superior durability and performance.


Commercial engine

The Z400 is powered by the highly market acclaimed Kawasaki FS-Series engines.

Large-diameter, wide-tread rear tires

24” diameter, 12” tread rear tires are fitted to the Z421KWT-60 and Z422KWT-60. Due to the fact that ground pressure from these tires is notably low, potential turf damage is significantly reduced.

Standard suspension seat*

Fully-adjustable for desired operator comfort. This seat is capable of sliding 4 inches backwards or forwards, as well as 3 inches up and down. As a result, even prolonged operations can be undertaken in maximum comfort. *for Z412 / Z422 Models.

K-Lift- push & release lift & lowering deck system

Step on the mower pedal to lift the Z400 mower, select the appropriate mowing height with the dial, and step on the mower pedal once again to lower the mower to the selected height. Mowing height is, therefore, easily adjusted without having to remove or insert the pin as required by competitors’ models.

Large-capacity fuel tank

With a generous fuel tank capacity of 6.8 US gal (25.7L), the Z400 is able to continue operations for up to six hours – time enough to complete many jobs.

Maximum travel speed: 10.0 mph

The maximum forward travel speed of 10.0 mph (16.0 km/h) contributes to quickly completing the job-at-hand.

Grass catcher kit (option)

Having a generous 7-bushel (250L) capacity, the grass catcher reduces the number of stops required to discharge clippings. As a result, overall operational efficiency is enhanced.