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Kubota PH3000 / Kverneland S Series

Heavy-duty rigid and foldable power harrows.


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Heavy-duty trough design

To meet the ever increasing demand from modern farming Kubota offers a range of heavy-duty rigid and foldable power harrows in working widths of 8'2" (2.5 m) to 16'4" (5.0 m).

"Pro-fit" active tines

The "Pro-Fit" Active tines ensure optimum penetration in hard soil. The tine, due to its shape, pulls itself into the ground. This gives a constant working depth and also prevents the machine from lifting out of the ground in hard dry soil conditions.

Kverneland quick-fit or optional carbide tines

The tines are secured by a special pin and clip mounted in the tine holder. The Quick- Fit tines can therefore be replaced quickly without tools. 'Active' forward facing tines can easily replace standard tines, and when in combination with a Kubota mounted seed drill fitted with disc coulters; these 'active' tines will provide improved performance in heavy mulch conditions.

The trough design

For optimum performance in difficult soil conditions, the robust trough design provides a large clearance between the tine holder and trough bottom. This allows large amounts of residue and stones to pass freely without blocking
and provides excellent results in mulch conditions.

two large conical bearings

Tine shaft of 60 mm with two large conical bearings with a wide distance providing rigidity and a long service life.

Ample clearance

of 125 mm between the trough bottom and the tine holder ensure good soil flow and allow residues to pass easily through the machine

Complete choice of rear rollers available

Kubota range of rollers makes sure that this demand will be met, in the best possible way. The choice includes all roller variants being available in combination with a power harrow


All models can be fitted with a Kubota seed drill quickhitch for fast and easy attachment and demounting.

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Winter won’t stop Canada. And it won’t stop Kubota.

When the cold weather hits, you need machines that don’t just want to hide under a warm blanket. Kubota’s equipment and attachments are cold-weather tested for Canadian winters, so you can count on them when the days are short and the temperature is down. Whether you need a snow blower or a hard-working tractor, count on Kubota to get up, get out, and do the job.

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