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B01 Series

With a variety of performance-matched attachments, tackling multiple jobs is what the B01 Series does best. Consider any task done with the power of a 20.9 - 24.3 HP Kubota diesel engine, upgraded category I 3-point hitch, hydraulic independent PTO and telescoping stabilizers for efficient implement attachment.


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K-Connect K-Connect to Greater Efficiency

The ultra-convenient K-Connect makes PTO-driven attachments easy to install and remove. Now you can enjoy the ability to quickly switch from rotary sweeper, to snowblower, to blade—ideal for snow, lawn, or spring cleanups.

Swift-Tach Loader Lock and Load

Convenience leads to productivity. The New Swift-Tach Loader system allows you to remove the B01’s LA435 loader in less than a minute—and you don’t even have to leave the seat. Now that frees up time to focus on more pressing matters.

BH70 Backhoe A Feature-Packed Backhoe

The reliable BH70 is fully optimized for the B01 series. It comes with a reversible seat that swivels for easier backhoe operation. The 4-point mount system allows toolless switching between the backhoe and rear implements. Removing the backhoe is as simple as disengaging two pins and three hoses.

Expansive operator platform

Thanks to a large, ISO-mounted flat deck, the operator enjoys plenty of legroom and a wider step area for easier mounting and dismounting. Widely spaced fenders also contribute to a comfortable, spacious environment.

Hydraulic independent PTO

The Independent PTO keeps stopping to a minimum. Stay productive by engaging and disengaging PTO without ever having to engage the clutch to stop the tractor.

Tilt-steering wheel and High-back seat

The steering wheel tilts by the easy-step pedal to improve steering comfort and to make your ride comfortable no matter the conditions, the new high-back seat is specifically designed to absorb shock, reducing operator fatigue. For added comfort, armrests are standard equipment.

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Get Spring done and then some.

Beat the season’s challenges with renowned Kubota reliability. Right now get great deals on quality equipment, implements, attachments and more! So whether the season’s work is in the field, in your yard or on the job site — you can depend on Kubota to get your spring jobs done and then some.

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Optional Implements & Attachments

B2301HSD-1 Implements & Attachments: Aerators, Arena Grader

  • Aerators
  • Mounting Type
  • Weight (lbs)
  • Working Width (in.)
  • Arena Grader
  • Mounting Type
  • Weight (lbs)
  • Working Width (in.)



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