BX80 Series

Sub-Compact Tractors

Starting at $16,750
  • Warranty 6 year powertrain

Kubota’s BX tractors are built to take on your toughest gardening, landscaping, snow removal, and property maintenance jobs. Smaller than a full-size tractor, and easier to operate, the BX80 Series has plenty of power to haul, mow, blow and tackle your most challenging tasks from Spring to Winter — and everything in between!


The all-powerful Kubota diesel engine

All the BX Series tractors are powered by rugged, perfectly built Kubota diesel engines, exclusively engineered for the BX Series. The BX1880 and BX2380/BX23S come with brawny 16.6 and 21.6 horsepower diesel engines, while the BX2680 sports an awesome 24.8 horsepower diesel engine under the hood. All three engines are 3-cylinder workhorses that offer power unparalleled for tractors this size...more than enough muscle to tackle even your toughest jobs.

Sub-compact and fully capable

With an overall length similar to a standard garden tractor, BX-Series tractors are easy to drive and can work smoothly, even in tight spaces. The BX-Series’ economical size also means they’re gentle on turf. But don’t be fooled by their dimensions—these tractors bring big power and can handle an impressive variety of chores and projects.

The power of versatility

Equip the BX tractor with a wide range of optional specialized attachments for added precision and efficiency. Range includes: mowers, box scrapers, snowblowers, grapples and more to help you plow through your toughest work tasks!

Game-changing swift-tach loader

With the new Switch-Tach loader you can remove the loader without getting down from the tractor, that includes the disconnection of the hydraulic connections, no tools required.

Time-saving K-connect for front implements

The K-connect 4 point hitch allows you to connect a front implement in no time including the PTO connection with the touch of a lever.

Intuitive back-lit instrument panel

The new BX80 Series’ instrument panel offers easy to read indicators for all of the vital information you need to keep your tractor running smoothly, safely, and efficiently. A single glance at the redesigned instrument panel tells you everything you need to know about the major functions and condition of your BX80 Series tractor. The large tachometer in the center features a convenient orange indicator for the optimum rpm range for loader/ backhoe operations.

Premium reclining high-back seat

A new deluxe seat helps keep the operator working comfortably and efficiently, even on the most demanding of tasks. The high-back reclining seat is fully adjustable and equipped with adjustable armrests. Soft cushioning supports the back and legs for optimum operator comfort. (Except BX1880/BX23S)

Exceptional ground clearance

The BX Series provides plenty of ground clearance - 7.6 inches for the BX1880, 8.4 inches for BX2380/ BX2680/BX23S - to get you over rocks and other objects in your path.

Strong and durable one piece metal hood

Strong and durable, the BX Series’ metal hood and fenders resist dings and dents, ensuring that your BX tractor continues to look as good as it performs.

Optional heated Cab

Operate your BX-Series in comfort while being protected from the elements. The new heated cab is a great option to operate the BX in every condition.    Features include: High visibility glass with front and side opening windows Dash integrated heater and switch panel Compatible with all BX80's including the BX23S

Compatible Implements / Attachments

    K Connect (Front Mount)

    Snowblowers (BX & B01)

    K Series (Rear Mount)

    Snowblowers (BX & B01)

    K Connect (Front-Hitch)

    Blades (BX & B01)

    K Connect

    Front Hitch & Driveline (BX)

    K Connect (Front Hitch)

    Sweeper (BX & B01)

    BB12 Series

    Box Blades

    SGC05 Series

    Claw Grapples

    RCR12 Series

    Rotary Cutters

    RTA12 Series

    Rotary Tillers

    RTR05 Series

    Rotary Tillers

    RTR12 Series

    Rotary Tillers

    QH05 Series

    Quick Hitches

    QH16 Series

    Quick Hitches

    FDR16 Series

    Grooming Mowers

    LR05 Series

    Landscape Rakes

    PD10 Series

    Post Hole Diggers

    PFL12 Series

    Pallet Forks

    STB05 Series

    Snow Trip Blades

    CA15 Series