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Kubota CD1000 / Kverneland Qualidisc Farmer Series

The CD1000 series is a lighter execution of the CD2000 series for more shallow use from 2.0 m to 6.0 m mounted and from 4.0 m to 6.0 m trailed working width. This machine is for farmers who want to use the compact disc harrow up to 10 cm deep. Consequently, the machine is 15% lighter on mounted version and 7% on trailed models, easier to lift, ideal for reducing soil compaction and more economic for farmers. 


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Maintenance-free bearings

The strong 35 mm shaft carries 2 rows of ball bearings especially adjusted to face against the high axial and radial loads. The seals have been designed to prevent any deterioration and this is the reason why Kubota covers 2 years of warranty.

Perfect cutting quality

Irrespective of the diameter of the disc, the cutting angle is always constant due to its conical design.

Working depth from 2 to 15 cm

All discs are working at the same depth, even the outer ones.

Heat treated disc for long lifetime

The discs of 5 mm thickness are given a special heat treatment at 215 kg/mm² (58 HRC) for a long durability and strength. Thus the machine longevity has been increased and the maintenance costs reduced. 

Large disc diameters

In order to achieve a perfect cutting quality even at a shallow working depth, the CD1000 Series is fitted with a disc of large diameter (520 5mm). This increase in diameter allows ease of operation in the highest volumes of vegetable residues, as for example: intermediate crops which have to be destroyed before the seeding of the following crop. The notched discs improve its penetration and rotation irrespective of any plant residues.

Hydraulic depth adjustment

The working depth is very easy to adjust by pivoting spacers according to the required depth. If the full roller weight is required, only one action on the hydraulic is necessary. Simple, friendly and efficient! For a nice leveling on the edge, the soil flow is controlled by lateral deflectors. A finger harrow can be fitted in between to increase the residues incorporation. 

Heavy rollers for good packing

According to the soil specifications, the consolidation required, the mixing of the soil and straw, the surface of the soil requested and the lifting capacity available, Kubota offers a choice of rear rollers: Cage roller, Double cage roller, Actiring roller, Actipack roller, and the Actiflex roller

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