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SE3000 Series

The Kubota SE3000 series is a compact and heavy duty machine for moderately demanding jobs in soft and top fruit orchards, vineyards and light undergrowth. It is equally perfect for tidying pasture and other grass fi elds, and chopping straw and stubble.


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1 year

Double Skin

Standard equipment as it is an integral part of the frame. Standard thickness of 0.16” (4mm).

Standard Rear Roller

The rear roller is standard equipment, its diameter is 6.3” (160mm).

Rake Tines

The Kubota SE3000 series can be equipped with rake tines to improve chopping on prunings.



Winter won’t stop Canada. And it won’t stop Kubota.

When the cold weather hits, you need machines that don’t just want to hide under a warm blanket. Kubota’s equipment and attachments are cold-weather tested for Canadian winters, so you can count on them when the days are short and the temperature is down. Whether you need a snow blower or a hard-working tractor, count on Kubota to get up, get out, and do the job.

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